How To Travel With Your Vape In The UK

In the last couple of years, travelling has been seriously affected due to the Covid’19. However, the condition worldwide is gradually getting better. Thus, people have now started to travel inter-city or internationally by following safety measures. Whether travelling for a short trip or an extended expedition, some essentials are always needed to carry along. So, if you are a vaper, then one of your essentials will be keeping vape items with you. It is necessary to take all the products like batteries, coils, and your favourite kings of vapour e-liquid to avoid any hindrance in vaping. 

Considerations For Travelling With E-cigarettes:

When you are travelling by air, certain restraints are required to follow throughout the journey. Since the regulations for vaping products vary according to the airlines and airports. Therefore, you must be aware of the rules to prevent any inconvenience later. 

The points below will help you to travel with your vape in the UK. 

  • You must keep your vaping accessories in the hand luggage.

It is vital to keep your vape pods, batteries, and coils in your hand luggage. Instead of holding them with yourself, they must be kept somewhere safe. The batteries should be fully charged and detached from the tanks and cartridges. Hence, it is better to keep your vape device on the go. It will ensure the safe transfer of the vaping accessories from one point to another. 

Some benefits of keeping your vaping accessories in luggage are. 

  • It avoids the breakage of the device.
  • Ensures safety from the trouble of disregarding regulations.
  • It helps to enjoy vaping for a longer span.

  • Place your collection of e-liquid in the baggage. 

Usually, 10ml of liquid is allowed to take with you on the plane. The liquid items that are more than 10ml are needed to go into the baggage. Similarly, e-liquids are also required to carry with the same proportion. It is imperative to fill your cartridges with liquid to prevent any disruption in drawing the perfect vapour. 

Some important considerations for keeping your e-liquid safe during a flight are.

  • Keep your e-liquid container in a plastic bag.
  • Make sure that your refills are tightly packed and safe from leakage.
  • Place the e-liquid away from any other sensitive item to keep them intact.

  • Make sure to empty your tanks and other e-liquid containers.

It is necessary to empty your tanks and cartridges from the remaining e-liquid. If not, then it might damage other sensitive items in your luggage. Preferably, try to keep your e-liquid containers in plastic bags or zippers to keep them safe. 

Vaping At The Airport:

Due to the immense inclination towards vaping, many airports and travel stations have designated separate places for vaping. It is crucial to look for the area where it is not prohibited to vape when travelling. Although, vape does not produce as harmful smoke like traditional cigarettes. However, it is essential to be careful when vaping at the airport premises. 

It is better to vape after reaching the destination to stay away from any trouble. Moreover, people in the surrounding might not be used to the vapour, thus being cautious for other’s sake will be helpful. 

How To Take Care Of Your Vape While Travelling:

No one wants to damage their vape juice or devices while travelling. It is favourable to protect your vaping items to prevent buying the new ones from an unknown place. 

The vape juices require extreme care. Like any other liquid, the taste of e-juice gets altered from direct exposure to sunlight and a moist environment. To sustain the actual taste of your e-liquid, try to keep it in a dry place at room temperature. Similarly, use your vape carefully while travelling. It will help to avoid any breakage and malfunction of the device. 

To conclude, key considerations while travelling is; to be aware of the vaping regulations, follow the tips above to protect your vape, and enjoy vaping under restraint.  

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