Pros and cons of vaping

Everything has its pros and cons depending on the purpose of your use. Vaping is a trending activity that is getting popular quite fast. Some individuals use vaping kits to reduce or quit smoking, whereas others might use them for fun or as hobbies.

Rumours are flying around regarding electronic cigarettes regarding health and hygiene. However, to set everything straight, vaping causes less harm to your health than smoking. People shift to vaping because they are trying to quit smoking and this method has been proven successful for many people.

Pros of Vaping:

Vaping is an activity that has been adopted by many people, especially teenagers in the UK; some use it for fun while others have a reason for vaping. Either way, it has some of the best benefits that you should know.

  • Less injurious to health: 

A cigarette can rot your lungs and harm your insides, but vaping has no such side effects. Vaping comprises e-liquids that turn into vapour. The vapour contains chemicals that allow it to evaporate and not stay in your body as a cigarette does with your lungs.

The current research suggests that vaping has negligible side effects. Therefore it does not harm your body in any way such as a cigarette does. Most people switch to vaping just so that they can quit smoking. This method has proven practical to some, as some have managed to quit smoking for good using vapes, while others have reduced their daily cigarette usage.

  • Free from noxious odours:

The best thing about using e-cigarettes is that you don't have to bear the noxious odour of cigarette smoke. Vapes offer fruity flavourful frequencies that are pleasing to you and as well as for others around you.

Cigarettes have a terrible smell that is disliked by all non-smokers and vaping is a good way of eliminating this problem. Now you don't have to worry about smelling like cigarettes all the time, as that smell is synced deep into your clothes. Thankfully with a vape, you won't have to worry about facing any unpleasant odours.

  • Nicotine control:

People get addicted to cigarettes very quickly, and the reason for this is the large quantity of nicotine that an average cigarette contains. Once our body is hooked to nicotine, we have to keep giving it. Using vape can help you control your nicotine level.

When it comes to a cigarette, you get the same nicotine level in each cigarette, and you keep on multiplying it by lighting another one. However, vapes allow you to decrease your nicotine count by choosing e-liquids with low nicotine levels, such as 3 Fruits E-Liquid. This particular e-fluid has less amount of nicotine as compared to some others.

If you wish to decrease your nicotine consumption, you can buy a low nicotine e-liquid each time it ends, and you will surely be free from nicotine after some time.

Cons of Vaping:

Vaping doesn't only have benefits, as it also comes with some drawbacks such as

  • Vaping is perceived as a bad habit:

Vaping is a hobby that is perceived as youth spoiling. People disapprove of vaping, but a lot of that has to do with youngsters vaping for fun. The initial purpose of vapes was to help smokers reduce and quit smoking, but youngsters portray the wrong message by using it to show off.

  • Limitation of rules and regulations:

Due to the pandemic, there are some growing concerns for vaping, as it has become a massive target for the law enforcement forces. As a result, a lot of rules and regulations have surrounded vaping. 


Everything has pros and cons, but in vaping, pros are more than cons. Therefore vaping is something that you get the most benefit from and minimum drawbacks. For getting new e-liquids such as Vapour Freaks E-Liquid and Serial Vape E-Liquid, which are some of the best that you can try, are available exclusively at Juiced Out Vapes.

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