All The Different Types Of E-Juice Flavours

The most exciting part of vaping is the availability of so many different flavours. Unlike smoking, where you get the same type of flavour and experience every single time, vaping has way too much in store for its users. Today, we will take you through all the different categories of flavours available in vaping e-juices. So let’s get started!

  • Sweet Candies

Most adults are too embarrassed to admit that they love candy. Indeed, you are never too old for candy. We all get a sweet tooth once in a while and what’s a better way to soothe your candy cravings than a vape? You can get the pleasure of vape while being transported to your childhood full of cotton candies and bursts of sugar in your mouth. You do not have to worry about any artificial sugar intake, as you do with candy. There are several amazing candy-like flavours available such as Zombie Juice E-liquid, which can leave you with a sweet blended sensation of strawberries and kiwi.

  • Ecstatic Desserts

Smokers get an immense urge to smoke after having an appetizing meal. Sometimes, the harsh taste of cigarette smoke can ruin the whole mood. That’s where vaping comes in. Now you can get your smoke in a way, which will satisfy dessert craving as well. Who could have thought that you can get ecstasy with dessert? With vaping, it’s possible! With desserts comes the worry of calories and tooth decay. Skip all of that with so many dessert flavours like custard, pies, cookies, and ice cream, all available in e-liquids. 

  • Fulfilling Drinks

A meal is indeed incomplete without the perfect drink. You’ll be surprised to know that the pros of e-juices have now recreated all your favourite beverages that you can smoke. The most popular among the vaping community is coffee and strawberry milk. For the weekends, you can also get whiskey, soda juices, and a variety of cocktails. Along with the nicotine, this can also help you cut down your alcohol consumption.

  • Refreshing Fruits

Fruity flavours are the favourites among vaping community. You can mix and match all the different fruity e-juices to create your signature flavours. You can mix berry with kiwi or simply devour Blue Banana E-liquid on its own. Some other favourite fruit-flavoured e-liquids include apple, pineapple, peach, grapes, and citrus fruits. So if you ever feel like having a fruit off-season, here is your quick and easy fix.

  • Chilly Methanol

Methanol flavoured e-juiced have a separate fanbase. These e-juices range from slightly cool mint to full-blown icy blasts. These are particularly useful for people transitioning from methanol cigarettes. You can get straight-up methanol or different variants such as spearmint, peppermint and methanol tobacco. If you haven’t had a chance to try out a methanol flavoured e-juice, let us tell you that you are missing out on a lot. They will invigorate your taste buds while reliving your vaper’s tongue. When you are going through allergies or have a cold or flu under the weather, methanol flavoured e-juices are your safest bet.

  • Good Old Tobacco

This might be the flavour that got you thinking about vaping in the first place. People habitual of tobacco due to smoking find it hardest to quit. Well, we have a solution for you. With tobacco flavoured e-juices you get plenty of options such as Hangsen E-liquid, which gives you a nice throat hit with a taste of tobacco and a smooth caramel overtone. It is full of flavour and can surely satisfy your tobacco cravings to the fullest. Some tobacco e-juices also use naturally extracted flavours right from the tobacco leaves. So, it’s safe to say that you cannot truly taste tobacco unless you vape it.

This extensive range of flavours can surely tempt you into giving vaping a try if you haven’t already. Vaping is known to be the most useful means to quit smoking. Now you can quit smoking with a wide range of flavours to choose from. Looking for the best quality e-juices and other vaping accessories? Head over to Juiced Out Vapes where we have everything in store waiting for you.