All Your Questions About Nicotine Salts Answered

All Your Questions About Nicotine Salts Answered

With the rise in variety in the vaping industry, nicotine salts are quickly becoming the new craze and
hype. But what exactly is nicotine salt? And why are they suddenly gaining so much popularity? Why
are vape stores suddenly stocking up on nicotine salts of all types? We have the answers for you.
Vaping still has a whole truckload of myths around it, and that's why finding the right answers
becomes difficult. Your online vape shop, Juiced Out Vapes has got you covered.
Nicotine salts are a type of vape liquid. The difference between a freebase nicotine sample and a
nicotine salt sample is that nicotine salts have the presence of benzoic acid. Freebase nicotine that is
directly derived from tobacco leaves, is too strong and can only be inhaled at low strengths.
Freebase nicotine is then treated or mixed with an organic acid, such as benzoic acid. This starts a
chemical reaction that creates nicotine salts. Cigarette smokers who have been used to low doses of
nicotine can instantly recognize the high level of nicotine in nicotine salts when they switch to
vaping. This is basically why nicotine salts aren't for everyone. They only please a certain array of
people. Due to the high level of nicotine present in nicotine salts, it only pleases people who have
previously been used to taking high levels of nicotine. The good part, however, about a nicotine salt
is the softer, smoother throat hit it gives. This instantly pleases previously high nicotine cigarette
smokers, because they can intake high levels of nicotine and enjoy a smoother hit. In comparison,
freebase nicotine of the same strength will have a much harsher throat hit than a nicotine salt of the
same strength.
Why Nicotine Salts and Not Just Cigarettes?
Now that we've made it clear what nicotine salts are, let's talk about why nicotine salts and not
cigarettes if they provide the same levels of nicotine. The most basic answer to this is that smoking a
cigarette has you inhaling over 7000 chemicals, about 70 of which are directly linked to cancer.
While none of the options is considered completely safe, E-cigarettes are considered safer than
normal cigarettes. Vaping also finishes the problem of smelly clothes, which cause the most
problems in an air-conditioned room or a closed space. E Liquids also come in 18-50 mg/mL
strengths, which means they give the same nicotine concentration at a fraction of the cost.

Advantages of Nicotine Salts
Nicotine salts have a few advantages, to begin with, and here's a list:
 The most common advantage of using a nicotine salt in E Liquids is that users report that
they don’t affect the flavour of the vape juice as much as freebase nicotine.
 A smoother throat hit than freebase nicotine while consuming higher amounts of nicotine is
also a reason why most vapers prefer to switch to nicotine salts.
 The nicotine in nicotine salts tends to last longer in the bottle, while freebase nicotine can
be noticed that starts changing its colour.
 Nicotine salts are usually easy for beginners because they're designed to use with devices
that operate on low power.
 Nicotine salts also don’t produce as big vapour clouds as freebase nicotine flavours. So if
you're looking forward to vaping but also want to keep this away from the general
knowledge of those around you, then nicotine salts are for you.

In general, to use nicotine salts, you will need a pod device with low wattage. Using nicotine salts in
sub-ohm devices could land you sick. However, you may be able to survive by using a low
concentration of nicotine salt in a higher-powered device, but that all depends on how well you can
tolerate it. For a fast delivery vape service, check out our website and catalogues to find the
products you’re looking for.
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