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Many delicious e-liquid flavours, mostly sweet and cool, compel people to vape. A study published in the International Journal Environ Res Public Health shows that the first and current e-liquid had a flavour other than tobacco for most e-cigarette users, particularly youngsters.

In addition, flavours of liquids, like Hangsen e-liquid flavours (mint, vanilla, coffee, fruit mix, etc.), increase the likelihood of adopting vaping in an online discrete choice experiment among youth. This finding is associated with both never-users and ever-users of e-cigarettes. So, it can be said that the e-liquid flavours are the most prominent reason people vape, although others vape to quit smoking.

Summer has just arrived, and vapers demand the most delicious e-liquid flavours. When the heat hits, vapers want cool flavours that help them make high temperatures more bearable. We know that there are certain flavours that vapers find really refreshing for summer due to their cool tastes and colours. So, this blog shows you the freshest and coolest e-liquid flavours for summer. Keep reading!

Here are some coolest brands of e-liquid most demanded by vapers in summer to feel calm and relax.

1.    Heisenberg 100ml E-liquid Flavours

Heisenberg e-liquids are usually available in 100ml packaging with flavours, including red slush, blackcurrant blast, Cherry tunes, Vimto, Purple haze, and many more. Its flavour with fruity nuances and freshness will leave you speechless, wondering what it tastes like. What we do know is that its freshness will not leave you indifferent.

2.    Hangsen 100ml E-liquid Flavours

Hangsen vaping liquids are popular among vapers due to their exceptional flavours. It is one of the rarest brands in the vaping world that offer only natural flavours. So, you do not have to encounter any side effects by trying these e-liquids. The brand also ensures that they do not compromise on the potency of liquid flavours. Their e-liquid flavours are mint, coffee, vanilla, juicy peach, tobacco, and others.   

3.    ALOHA 100ml E-liquid Flavours

What is more summery than pineapple? One of the essential fruits of this time of year could not be missing from this selection. With the ALOHA liquid, you can enjoy the taste of ripe, juicy pineapple and coconut mixed with vanilla ice cream, creating an abundance of flavour. This smooth and sweet tropical fruit flavour is a must-have for vapers who want the coolest tastes in summer.

4.    Ice Blast 100ml E-liquid Flavours

Watermelons always assist you in beating the heat in the summer. So, this e-liquid flavour is delicious and juicy, giving you the most relaxed feeling throughout the day. What’s even better is when you can enjoy their yummy taste without facing the hassle of cutting them and spewing out the seeds.

5.    The Juice Lab 100ml E-liquid Flavours

If you are looking to fly in the sky with every puff, juicy watermelon mixed with cooling ice by the Juice Lab is best for a refreshing all-day vape. This e-liquid features a sugary and thirst-quenching watermelon flavour mixed with ice flavour that makes it cool. This flavour will leave you in shock.

Final Words

We have shared the coolest e-liquid brands in this blog to make it easy for you to find the best flavours this summer. The flavours in this blog will make you feel cool and calm throughout the day. Most importantly, if you need any flavour from the brands mentioned in this blog or any other, you can contact Juicedoutvapes. We have high-quality flavours for this summer, like all those mentioned and others, including Nicohit e-liquid, liquid gold, blue raspberry, fog clown e-liquid, and much more. Contact us today!