4 Best E-liquids By Hangsen You Should Try

In Europe, the United States, and Asia, Hangsen operates in three international centres. They focus on providing delightful flavours. In addition, the company established the first CNAS-certified chemical lab, where they analyse and verify the ingredients to ensure the quality of their products.

Hangsen was one of the earliest companies to make e-liquids and experienced significant sales growth by combining great value with high quality. The business has created more than millions of bottles of e-liquid to date!

The enormous variety of Hangsen e-liquids is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement of the company. Today, they have a wide variety of vape juices to offer. Their quality and strong dominancy across the market, all came to happen because of their consistent and progressive efforts.

Since Hangsen always puts their best in elevating their quality, their flavours are on a level that no one can resist themselves to give it a try. Let’s have a look over some of their best e-liquids.


1-      Hangsen Apple

Among several vape juices by Hangsen, their apple flavour is the most tasteful one. Its crisp, clear, and fruity taste has made it quite popular.

The throat-hitting essence from the Hangsen’s Apple flavour e-liquid is genuinely superb. This vape juice flavour is ideal for vapers who adore the taste of a natural apple. If you enjoy fruits, this is a great all-day vape, but if you just want to switch things up, this is an excellent alternative to sweet flavours as well.

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2-      Hangsen Aniseed

Hangsen’s Aniseed e-liquid has a less sweet essence; it tastes remarkably similar to the aniseed balls with pleasant aromatic effects. This flavour provides a bitter, icy and fruity effect which makes it pleasantly adorable.

Since its release, the aniseed e-liquid is gradually becoming a demanded one and enjoyed by many vapers. This aniseed e-liquid has a slightly bitter taste that is ideal for daily use. However, there are many similar flavours available in the market but this flavour stands out by a mile.

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3-      Hangsen Cherry

Hangsen’s Cherry e-liquid has an amazing taste sensation. This fruity, sweet, and tangy flavour provides an exceptional experience.

This delightful e-liquid has a smooth throat refreshing impact, which will make you crave it from time to time. This amazing flavour is ideal for vapers who adore the taste of real cherries.

This would be the best vape juice if you prefer fruity flavours. However, it will also be a perfect choice for sweet essence lovers.


4-      Hangsen Strawberry

The distinctive sweet and fresh essence of Hangsen strawberry e-liquid makes it a well-liked option. This e-liquid is mostly offered in a 10ml bottle and is a favourite one for many people.

Strawberries are the most loved fruit because of their amazing taste. The exciting effect of real strawberries is not much easy to infuse into an e-liquid, but the company has packed all that juicy goodness into this vape juice so you can enjoy it all day.

This flavour is perfect for vapers who love the taste of a natural strawberry. This flavour hits the throat with a smooth effect. Give it try and experience the revitalizing effect of Hangsen’s strawberry.


Among the first companies to produce e-liquids, Hangsen is renowned as one of the greatest e-liquid producers in the world. Their wide variety of flavours is remarkable and available in many variants.

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