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About Get Frozen E-Liquid 

Get Frozen E-Liquid 100ML has a range of different exciting flavours. The cold fruity flavours offer the vapers a frosty feeling and help them chill out in summer. The flavours may be limited, but each one provides an exquisite experience. They are guaranteed to give your taste buds an amazing boost and a fantastic vaping experience. So make sure to get an e-liquid from getting Frozen based on your flavour preference.

Flavours Of Get Frozen E-Liquid Available At Juiced Out Vapes

You will love the e-liquids of getting Frozen because of the inclusion of ice in every flavour. They give you an icy cold feeling with every exhale, and it is hard to get bored of that. Juiced Out Vapes is among the few vape stores out there that provides you with an amazing range of this brand’s e-juices. Let’s take a look at some: 

  • Blue Slushie: an amazing concoction of blue raspberry with a blast of ice. 
  • Double Grape: a sweet and tangy blend of white and black grapes that comes along with the perfect icy flavour on the side.
  • Orange and Mango: a perfect combination of ice with sweet oranges and mangoes.
  • Apple Raspberry: a sweet and sour flavour of apple and raspberry with a hint of ice.
  • Ice-Berg: a menthol enriched blend.
  • Cherry and Black: a beautiful combination of blackcurrants and cherries.

  • Once you try the first e-liquid from Get Frozen, you are guaranteed to return for other equally delicious flavours. Get your Get Frozen e-liquid now from Juiced Out Vapes.

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