Why People Prefer Vaping Over Cigarettes These Days

Cigarettes are more and more being seen as a thing of the past. The beneficial effects of vaping have become very apparent to people. How vaping is less harmful to your health than cigarettes has caught the eye of many smokers who have been looking for a way to quit for a long time. But there are also many other great benefits to vaping that have made it the preferable option. 

In this blog, we will be looking at those reasons and exploring them:


In order to prevent people from moving to vaping, cigarette smokers and companies tried to portray vaping to be more complicated than it is. But the truth is vaping is just as simple as smoking a cigarette. Yes, there are vaping kits that require more work than a cigarette but buying them or not buying them is your choice. If you want a simple experience, then a starter kit is great for you. In fact, vaping even saves you from making a mess like you would with a cigarette and the ash it spreads.

Save Money

As a smoker, you never know when the prices of your cigarette will rise. Vaping is not a victim of that same issue. And with vaping, you save the long-term costs that you would otherwise have to spend on buying a new pack of cigarettes. 

With vaping, only e-liquid can be a concern. And even then, the costs of e-liquid are comparatively cheaper in the long run than buying cigarettes. And you get the added benefit of choosing the kind of flavour you want when vaping. Cigarettes don’t allow for that.

IVG, BLVK and Hangsen E-liquid are just examples of the different kinds of brands and experiences that are on offer for vapers. 

Ease on Restrictions

Vaping doesn’t have that taboo attached to it that is attached to cigarette smoking. Vaping isn’t seen as offensive, and due to its harmless nature, it is allowed in places where smoking wouldn’t be. 

Vaping has become much more socially acceptable much quicker, and this is one of the biggest reasons why it is seen as a better option to smoking.

Flavour Diversity

Yes, we mentioned the diversity of flavours, but let’s talk more about it. There are hundreds of brands available out there and thousands of different kinds of flavours, from authentic and original flavours of tobacco to fruitier flavours like strawberries, bananas and much more. And there are even dessert flavours and even flavour combinations being made that give you a new and entirely unique experience. 

Accessories & Options

Smoking doesn’t have much variety in options. There are only different strengths to a cigarette. But with vaping, there is a whole host of choices to choose from. From different kinds of vaping kits to adjustable wattage and nicotine levels to different levels of VG/PG content depending upon your preference. The world of vaping is much more vast and customisable and with a lot more options than the world of cigarettes. 

Getting the Accessories

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Vaping is made out to be complicated, but it really isn’t. And there is so much to the world of vaping that will make you want to explore it. Cigarettes are truly a thing of the past. They are seen as limited and much more harmful than vaping could ever be. That, truly, is the biggest reason why people are switching over to vaping.

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