How To Avoid Vaping

We will usually be the last ones to tell you to avoid vaping because it is a wonderful experience when done right. The variety in flavors from Candy Geek E-Liquid will give you the joy of sweet treats without calories and nicotine hit without cancer. It also keeps you in the companionship of people since they are no longer prone to second-hand smoke. The reasons to quit smoking and choose vape are endless.

Even though there are tons of benefits of vaping, there is also a list of things you should avoid doing. Here are something you should avoid in order to have an excellent vaping experience.  

  • E-Liquid From Unknown Source

It is the first one on the list because it is possibly the most important thing you need to avoid. Many health complications related to vaping have come to light recently. Both teenagers and adults are purchasing their e-liquids from unlicensed street vendors who have unknown substances. These unknown substances are the leading cause of multiple illnesses. So it might be a good idea to purchase your vaping products from well-known sources in your locale.

  • Don’t Take A Dry Hit

You are very lucky if you have never experienced a dry hit during vaping, but if you have, you will definitely be looking to avoid it from happening again. A dry hit is a burnt cloud that goes straight to your lungs, causing painful dry coughing. 

You can avoid this by priming the vape coil before you use it. If you have recently bought a new vape kit, remember to smear a little e-liquid on the coil while filling up the tank. Allow the device to sit for a while before use so that the coil gets sufficient saturation. This process will ensure a pleasant vaping experience.

  • Leftover Flavour

If you have changed your flavor from bubblegum to cherry and are still getting hints of bubblegum when you vape, it is probably because of the residue flavor. This occurs when you fail to clean your tank properly between the switching of different flavors of e-liquids. This causes old and new flavors to mix, causing unexpected and unpleasant flavors to develop. 

You can avoid this from happening by taking apart your tank in between different e-liquids and giving it a good clean. Wash it up by scrubbing the tank thoroughly with hot, soapy water and rinsing the soap off well. If you feel like the flavor is still lingering in that tank, you can change up the coil as some coils retain e-liquid flavors faster. This way, you will enjoy the purest taste of your new e-liquid without your old flavor hanging around.

  • Don’t Shame Vaping Newbies

Vapers should be a welcoming group, inviting and giving tips to newbies rather than mocking them for not being on top of the game. It’s important to remember that everyone can not afford the latest vaping device or know how to disappear into a vape cloud. Furthermore, not everyone wants to create their own e-liquids or chase after the most exotic flavors. It is not wise to shame them on their preferences and their different style. Accept them as they are and show them the world of vaping, you know, and let them decide for themselves. 

A lot of people start vaping just for simple joy or to quit a dangerous habit of smoking, and shaming can result in them reverting to their old habits. So keeping that in mind is vital before you push your agenda,

  • Overdoing The Nicotine

Count yourself lucky if you have never overdone nicotine before. Falling sick from overdoing nicotine is worse than any hangover you have ever had. If you are new to the world of sub-ohm, the best advice you can follow is to proceed with caution.

Consult a vape expert on the strength of nicotine since they have past experience and will be able to guide you through the process. Use the minimum level of nicotine, as you can always add more if you need. 

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