Vape Tricks and Techniques: Impress Your Friends with Clouds

Vaping has evolved from a straightforward substitute for smokers who wanted to give up traditional tobacco use to a thriving subculture that goes beyond its practical beginnings. In this changing environment, aficionados are drawn to the fascinating world of vape tricks in addition to the wide variety of flavours and state-of-the-art equipment. Among these, cloud chasing stands out as a kind of art that encourages vapers to develop their artistic and technical abilities. We will explore a variety of vape tips and tricks in this blog, giving you the information to improve your own vaping experience and amaze your friends with some impressive vape clouds!

The Increasing Popularity Of Vaping Techniques And How Does It Work?

The popularity of cloud-forming vaping tricks has seen a considerable increase in recent years. Vapers either do it as a hobby for their own entertainment or even due to competition with other vapers on who can create the best clouds.

Contests with fellow vapers have become extremely popular, with many winning impressive prizes, including vaping devices, other relevant vaping equipment, and even vast sums of money. These contests are judged on the basis of size and technique.

First, vapers have to impress the jury by making some giant and thick clouds. Next, they need to exhale the vapour in innovative and creative manners and perform some vaping tricks. Some of these tricks are "The Dragon", "The Jellyfish, and "Tornado Alley'. Curious to learn these? Read on to learn how to perform these nifty tricks.

Ensuring Thick Clouds

The main aim of vapers is to produce the biggest and thickest clouds possible with their vaping device. Either they create different kinds of clouds with their mouths or use their hands to shape the vapour and do various tricks with it.

Everyone who vapes knows that the main components of vape juice are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol in different ratios. Vegetable glycerin is used to thicken the juice, while propylene glycol is used to liquefy it. Hence, the greater the amount of vegetable glycerin (VG), the thicker the vapour. Most vapers who like making thick clouds or frequently take part in cloud-forming contests make sure they add a lot of VG compared to PG in their device so as to perform some great vape tricks.

Suppose you are a vape enthusiast who knows how to make your own vape juice to create thicker vape clouds; great! However, if you are new to vaping and do not know how to get the ingredient ratios right, make sure you ask your vape juice supplier to do that for you or get pre-made E-liquids, but check their ratios to get the one you need.

Importance Of Choosing the Right Vape Setup

Your selection of vaping supplies forms the basis of many remarkable vape tricks. Rebuildable dripping atomisers (RDAs) or sub-ohm tanks combined with mighty mods provide increased airflow and vapour production. These two are essential for performing complex tricks that will wow your audience.

Tips And Tricks To Make The Perfect Vaping Clouds

Mastering the Basics: Inhaling Techniques:

It is essential to get the fundamentals down before advancing to more complex routines. The mouth-to-lung inhale, and the direct lung inhale are the two main inhalation methods most commonly used in the vaping community. Cloud chasers prefer the former because it allows vapour to be inhaled straight into the lungs, which maximises cloud creation.


Perfecting the O's:

A lot of vape techniques are built around the classic "O" or smoke ring. In order to do an impeccable "O," inhale deeply, shape your mouth into the letter "O," and utilise your throat to release a steady stream of vapour. It takes practice to get consistently round and well-defined rings; essential factors to consider when honing this basic skill are the shape of your mouth and the force of your exhalation.


Tripling the Fun with Triple O's:

Improve your abilities with the triple O's after you have mastered the single "O" rings. This is an advanced trick where you quickly create three rings. Inhale deeply, then exhale rapidly, pulsing the vapour out of your throat to create three successive "O" rings. This method gives your vaping performance a dynamic and impressive element despite its challenge.


The Dragon: Unleash Your Inner Beast:

Learn the dragon vape trick to unleash your inner dragon. Take a deep breath in and simultaneously exhale forcefully through your nose and both sides of your mouth. This adds to the theatricality of your vaping prowess and gives the impression that smoke is pouring out of numerous orifices, leaving your friends in awe of your legendary skill.


The Ghost Hit: Disappearing Act:

Learn how to perform the "ghost hit," which is a trick that includes taking in a large amount of vapour and gently releasing it without creating any visible clouds for a hint of mystery. Take a deep breath, hold the vapour in your mouth for a little while, and then slowly and deliberately release it. The outcome gives your vaping performance a surprising element of an almost invisible exhale.


The Jellyfish: Unleash the Tentacles:

Improve your vaping skills by using the jellyfish method. Start by blowing into a big "O" ring, then push the ring's centre with your palm to form the shape of a mushroom. Gently release vapour through the centre of the expanding "O" to generate jellyfish-like tentacles. Even though it is a difficult trick that needs time and exact hand movements, the fantastic visual effect will definitely keep your audience enthralled.


Vape Bending: Defying Gravity:

With vape bending, you may amaze your friends by defying the rules of physics. With this skill, you could control the trajectory of the vapour with your hands. Create a thick cloud, then direct the vapour in various directions using swift hand motions. With enough practice, you may demonstrate your mastery of the vape arts by creating captivating patterns and shapes that defy gravity.


Tornado Alley: Creating Vortex Rings:

Use the tornado vape trick to turn your vaping area into a spectacle. Blow a big "O", then move your hand in a circular motion around it to generate vortex rings. If you use the correct approach, you may create a whirling vortex ring that spreads around the room, astounding your friends with the atmospheric display you have made.


Safety First: Vaping Etiquette:

As you show off your fantastic vape tricks, remember to always prioritise safety and follow proper vaping etiquette. Be mindful of people who do not smoke and who might not find vapour clouds appealing. When displaying your vaping talent, be aware of your surroundings, especially in public areas, and pick suitable locations so that it continues to be a source of amazement rather than annoyance.


Final Words:

The world of vaping is enhanced by the inventive and enjoyable aspects of creative vaping techniques. Trying out these methods can improve your vaping experience and make it into an enthralling art form, regardless of experience level. Recall that learning these methods requires patience and repetition, so do not give up if you cannot do it perfectly the first time. You may impress your friends with clouds that can equal the expertise of professional vape artists if you put in the necessary effort and use a little showmanship.