Top Five Vape Tricks

Top Five Vape Tricks

Vaping has been an incredible experience for everyone. Just as the tricks performed by magicians, some vapers display extraordinary skills while vaping which amazes others. Although vaping can be self-assisted and easy to do, vapers still manage to individualise their experience followed by techniques. 

Due to the extensive range of products in any vape shop in the UK and other stores worldwide, vapers have quite room to make their experience everlasting and remarkable. The artistic ways of exhaling vapour to O rings and tornados, all include certain tricks. 

Some tricks that can make vaping experience more astonishing are:

  1. Ghost Vapour Trick:

To pursue this trick, the following steps are needed

  • Inhale a little amount of vape.
  • Make a ball of it inside the mouth.
  • Exhale it out.
  • Inhale it again through the nose.

Another trick for double ghost vapour requires placing a finger at the centre of the mouth and exhaling very slowly whilst inhaling it quickly. 

This vaping trick might require practice but once learned, it could give a professional vibe. 

  1. The Tornado Trick:

This trick is one of the amazing tricks followed by many people. It requires:

  • A flat surface i.e. a table, counter, surface of a chair.
  • Inhale the vapour.
  • Pour in down on the surface.
  • Quickly create the shape of a tornado by placing a hand horizontally over the vapour.

To achieve this trick, there must be no air pressure. This trick can help to amaze people with less effort. 

  1. The Dragon Trick:

The dragon trick sounds complicated and difficult however, it can be fulfilled by following some easy steps

  • Inhale the vape.
  • Close the middle part of the mouth.
  • Exhale the vapour from both nostrils and sides of the mouth.

This trick involves exhaling from 4 sides to create a dragon effect. It requires a vaping device that throws a much larger vapour to ensure the dragon exhale. The most important trick is to keep the centre of the mouth closed while exhaling. 

  1. The O Rings:

This trick involves creating O rings and strings of rings out of vapour. It involves:

  • Inhale the vape and keep it inside.
  • Reverse the back of the tongue to the back of the throat.
  • Create a rigid circle of lips around teeth.
  • Exhale the vapour out from the throat in form of light coughing.

This trick is considered the most classical trick by vapers. The shape of the rings can be varied by the amount of vape inhaled. It is suitable to start this trick by creating small rings. 

  1. The Bubble Trick:

The bubble trick requires an empty paper towel roll and dishwasher or any soap. This trick is very popular among vapers and follows some easy steps, like.

  • Wet the end of the paper towel roll in a solution of water and dishwasher
  • Inhale the vapour.
  • Gently exhale the vapour on the other side of the paper towel roll following the wet end.

This could help the vapour to fill inside the bubble of soap. This vapour bubble floats away and gives an exquisite view of exhaling. 

Vaping has become excessively popular among every age group all over the world. People have started to realise the damaging health effects of smoking and switched to vaping. Moreover, vaping is more artistic and unique as compared to smoking in terms of tricks and tactics. Among many tricks performed by vapers, the above-mentioned tricks are the famous and classic ones that keep people captivated. 

Vape in the UK has a huge market offering a wide range of products to its customers. Just like many other vape stores, Juiced Out Vapes is another online vape shop that provides an amazing collection of disposable pods, vape kits, coils, mods, nicotine salts, e-liquids, tanks, and batteries. All these products are authentic with prompt delivery services to satisfy the customers. 

To conclude, vape tricks accentuate the vaping experience. Beginners tend to follow and watch the tricks performed by other vapers. These tricks show the interest of people and how they are enjoying vaping. Tricks like a tornado, dragon, and O rings are the basic ones that give a wonderful display. People who switch to vaping find these tricks exciting rather than just exhaling smoke from cigarettes. In the contemporary world, vaping has taken over smoking because of its self-less experience and advanced technology.

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