If you are looking to start vaping and have no idea where to begin, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will explain some of the common mistakes that new vapers make. Read this blog and avoid the early mistake to have a better vaping experience. 

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  • You might cough for the first time when you vape but don’t worry,  your new vape is not responsible for this cough, but your cigarette habit is. When a daily smoker suddenly quits smoking and shifts to vaping, the lungs do not readily accept the juice as they are more used to the tar of old cigarettes. However, once you get used to vape, the cough goes away, and everything gets normal. Therefore, don’t worry if you catch a heavy cough the first time you vape. 

  • This is the question that comes to mind of many vapers. As per the research done by public health England, vaping is 95% safer than smoking. However, a vaper should keep in mind that the damage doesn’t go away. For those who have been smoking for years, vaping is a far safer and better alternative. This shows that vaping is best when compared with cigarettes. 

  • There are many types of vapes. When you visit a vape shop like Juiced Out Vapes, you will see different kinds of vapes like starter kits, mod boxes etc. Each vape type is unique and works differently. However, as a beginner, ignore all the pro stuff and focus on things that matter. So, the two basic types of vapes are:


  • The operation of MTL (mouth to lung) is closely related to smoking style. When you smoke a cigarette, you suck it into your mouth and then suck again. That’s what mouth to lung means. 


  • Direct to lung or DTL is also called sub-ohms. A sub-ohm vape generally has low resistance. This feature allows a vaper to generate more smoke (vapours). 

    So, as a new vaper, you should know why you want to vape. If you take vaping as an alternative to smoking, MTL is an excellent choice. However, if your concern is to generate clouds, then go for DTL. 

  • Now, this tip is essential. Choosing the right e-liquid is vital for every vaper. For example, if you were a chain smoker and shifted to vaping, you need e-juice with the right amount of nicotine. If you take less nicotine e-juice (as a former pro-smoker), vaping for the whole day won’t satisfy your lungs, and there are high chances that you will go back to smoking again. So, when you choose an e-liquid, count the number of cigarettes you smoke in one day.  For instance, if you are a social smoker, go for 3 to 6 mg e-liquid. However, if you are a chain-smoker, low nicotine juice will not satisfy you. Therefore, select 12 to 18 mg e-liquid. 

  • PG VS VG:
  • E-liquids contain VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and PG (Propylene Glycol). When you buy an e-liquid, you will notice a VG/PG ratio on the box. This ratio is essential for the type of vape you choose. PG is responsible for generating clouds while VG increases the flavour. So, if you smoke sub-ohm, then selecting liquid with more PG is good. However, go for high VG liquid if you have an MTL vape. 


    Know that vaping is far better than smoking. It provides flavour, makes you look cool when you generate clouds and most importantly, it makes you quit smoking. Therefore, if you are a chain smoker, we suggest you throw your cigarette box and start vaping. 

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