Choosing the Right Nicotine Strength: A Guide to E-Liquid Nicotine Levels

It is time that you kiss cigarettes goodbye and switch to a much better alternative, like vaping, to fulfil your cravings without harming your health. Now that you are switching towards e-liquids, you need to learn all about the right nicotine levels. Choosing which nicotine-strength e-liquid to purchase can be hard, and you need the right level to match your craving, or you will be at risk of returning to old smoking habits. Figuring out all of this can also make it easy to select PG/VG blends and also the ideal vape kit. While lower nicotine levels in vape will make it hard for you to fulfil the craving, too much of it can be far more intense. That is why we have dedicated this blog to anyone who needs to know everything about choosing the right nicotine level.

What Is The Ideal Vapour Production?

For new vapers, two factors are quite necessary to put into consideration when opting for the right level of Nicotine in vape. The first factor is their smoking habits, and the second is the type of vaping equipment they are planning to use. 

To figure out the right strength, you need to see how much you smoke. For example, if you smoke a few cigarettes in a day, then you fall in the lower range of nicotine consumption. You will stand somewhere in the middle-level range if you smoke around 10–20 cigarettes, and the ones that consume one pack a day fall in a higher area. 

Let's understand vapour production to learn better about Nicotine in vape juice and which one can be ideal for you. 

Lower Vapour Production 

Lower vapour production devices offer discrete clouds, quite similar to a cigarette. Most pod systems that are available in the market fall into this category. Mouth-to-lung tanks with a quite tight airflow are also included. High-strength Nic salt is the most popular choice when it comes to low-vapour production devices. Low vapour devices are ideal for people who are looking to quit smoking. These can help smokers switch to vaping smoothly without facing nicotine withdrawals. You can experiment with various devices to settle on the one that sets well with your preferences. 

Medium Vapour Production 

These category vapes produce clouds that are not of massive variety, and finding devices for that can be quite easy. These pod systems offer restricted draws and offer regular Nicotine of around 6-12 mg/mL and nicotine salts of 20-30 mg/mL. 

Higher Vapour Production 

These include rebuildable atomisers and sub-ohm tanks that have large airflow channels. Many vapers who go for sub-ohm devices select regular Nicotine on quite low strength as it is easy to get too much Nic easily. 6 mg/mL can be too strong with these devices considering the vapour volume they offer. 

Choosing The Right Nicotine Strength Level 

The most important thing while considering what nicotine level in vape juice to go for comes down to your smoking habit. You can check out the common nicotine strength available in the market and try until you settle on the one that fulfils your craving. At first, you may go for a strong, but you can gradually get in towards lower and develop an ideal vaping habit. 

 The nicotine strengths available in the market are as follows:

0 mg Nicotine

Starting at the lowest end of the spectrum, 0 mg nicotine e-liquids are perfect for vapers who have successfully quit smoking but still enjoy the act of vaping or for those who simply want to enjoy the flavours and sensations without any nicotine in the vape juice. It offers a nicotine-free option, allowing you to enjoy the feel of vaping just for fun.

3 mg Nicotine

3 mg nicotine e-liquids are considered low strength and are ideal for vapers who are transitioning from smoking cigarettes to vaping. It provides a mild nicotine hit that is less intense than traditional cigarettes, making it a popular choice for those looking to reduce their nicotine dependency gradually.

6 mg Nicotine

The next step-up is the 6 mg nicotine strength. It offers a slightly stronger nicotine hit, suitable for individuals who want a bit more satisfaction and a more noticeable throat hit. Vapers who are used to smoking light cigarettes often find 6 mg nicotine e-liquids to be an appropriate choice.

12 mg Nicotine

Moving into the medium nicotine range, 12 mg e-liquids deliver a moderate nicotine hit and throat hit. This strength is suitable for people who previously smoked regular-strength cigarettes. It strikes a balance between providing a satisfying nicotine experience and maintaining a smooth vaping session.

18-20 mg Nicotine

The higher end of the nicotine strength spectrum, ranging from 18 mg to 20 mg, is recommended for heavy smokers or those who require a strong nicotine fix. These e-liquids offer a significant throat hit and intense nicotine satisfaction, often mirroring the sensations of smoking unfiltered or full-featured cigarettes.

Finding the right nicotine strength is a personal journey and can vary from person to person. Some vapours may find that they are comfortable at 3 mg, while others may require a higher concentration. Experimentation and gradual adjustment are essential to finding the perfect balance that suits your needs.

Selecting the appropriate nicotine strength is vital for an enjoyable and personalised vaping experience. From the nicotine-free option to the higher concentrations, each strength caters to different preferences and needs. Remember to start with a lower strength if you're new to vaping, and gradually adjust until you find the right balance. Prioritising your health and well-being is essential, so always vape responsibly and seek expert advice when needed.

The Absorption Difference In Vaping & Smoking

The absorption of Nicotine has a difference when we compare vaping and smoking. That is why it is the trickiest part when selecting a nicotine strength. A single cigarette appropriately contains around 10-14 mg of Nicotine, and you get 1-1.5 mg out of it. Switching to vaping can be quite difficult at first, but as time passes, you will be on a much healthier road. 

Choosing The Right Device

As time passes, vaping devices have evolved a lot, and you get to see some new great ones that deliver Nicotine more efficiently. Sub-ohm devices are now one of the most common ones that you may see today. Through sub-ohm, you get high vapour production and get direct lung vapour action due to the high-wattage batteries used. This means that you will be getting much Nicotine compared to mouth-to-lung devices with lower wattage. 

You can have lower nicotine levels with a high wattage sub-ohm device and enjoy 3 mg or 6 mg e-juices with ease. The higher you go with nicotine level, the harsher throat hit you will have to face. With going so high on nicotine levels, you will be facing issues like dehydration, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. To avoid that from happening, it is crucial that you have ideal quality e-juice and know when to stop as well. 

Along with the device, your smoking habits will also make a great deal while choosing a nicotine strength. The choice varies from person to person, and it's better to experiment and find what you prefer. 6 mg is the level that most heavy smokers prefer. 

To Wrap It Up

Switching from smoking to vape can be difficult in the beginning, but once you get the right level of nicotine strength that fulfils your craving, you will be fine. By knowing what level of Nicotine in e-juice you prefer, you can have a fun vaping experience. For that, it is also crucial that you get in touch with a reliable store to purchase e-juices and vape from. That is why Juicedoutvapes is one of the top-rated places in the UK, giving you everything you need for a quality vaping experience.