Exploring the Different Types of Vape Mods

Exploring the Different Types of Vape Mods

With thousands of people choosing to take up vaping in place of smoking and vape cloud tricks being more and more revered, vaping has indeed become the new trend.

But what many people, including casual vapers, are unaware of is the fact that vaping is a highly customisable activity. It can be completely altered to fit the preference of each vaper to their liking. Whether it be vapers who want to do tricks or ones who are looking for a substitute for cigarettes, vaping has something that can be easily altered for each individual.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at the different types of mods in the vape market, the features of each, and how you can choose the mod that fits your preferences.

What Are Vape Mods?

To understand the types of mods available for you to choose from, you must first develop an understanding of what vape mods truly are. A vape mod is a short form of ‘modified vaporisers’, which gives a clear idea that vape mods are different types of vape modifications done to fit the needs of each vaper.

At the start of their inception, vape mods were nothing more than glorified, homemade devices that generated large puffs of vapour instead of smoke like in a cigarette. They were a volatile type of vape made by amateurs who were at risk of serious accidents caused by these mods. Luckily, the popularity of vape mods was not hindered by these issues, and they continued to grow into an entire industry.

Right now, vape mods are relatively safer and are estimated to be the most profitable division of the vaping industry. There are many types of mods available in the market with complete customisation options from battery and nicotine concentration to e-liquid flavour and heating features.

Types of Vape Mods

Here are all the different types of mods that are available in the market as of right now, divided into various categories for your convenience.

1.    Regulated Mods

These types of mods are the most safe and readily available in the market. They prevent any kind of energy surges that your vape may produce and have circuit boards built-in to act as a fail-safe when push comes to shove. They keep your battery and the other components of your vape safe from any unwanted damage. They also prevent sparks or fires that may break out due to using these powerful vapes.

These are very popular in the market as they easily fulfil the needs of most vapers who wish for a little more exciting experience but also to vape safely. Regulated mods offer a more accessible and safer alternative to unregulated mods. 

Regulated mods have two main subtypes: tube mods and box mods, which are very commonly found in vape shops, dispensaries, and online stores. Both types are very similar in many aspects but also have key differences that are pretty significant.


a.     Tube Mods

When talking about appearance, tube mods look very similar to vape pens and have many of the same features. They are cylindrical, like vape pens, but unlike vape pens, they have thicker diameters due to the large battery.

Although they appear a lot like beginner-level vape pens, their features can more than make up for them. They can house a sub-ohm tank with a clearomiser, so experienced vapers can easily use them. A huge benefit of using these is that they are small and easily portable. You can even fit them in your pocket, and they are budget-friendly. Unfortunately, they do not have that many features or customisability.

b.     Box Mods

As the name suggests, box mods have a box-like appearance and are the most popular type of vape mod in the market. They can support a larger battery than other vapes, often up to 1500mAh or more. They offer many features for experienced vapers to play around with.

When compared to tube mods, box mods are objectively superior in features as they provide:

  • Voltage control
  • Replaceable high-capacity batteries
  • Ohm-tank support
  • LED screens for ease of use
  • Accurate temperature control

These features can be found in all types of box mods irrespective of their brand or variation.

This type of mod is also great for vape cloud tricks, as it can create large vape clouds in one go. It also supports various customisations for vapers who wish to get high nicotine concentrations or those who want to try dry herb vaping.


2.    Unregulated Mods

These types of mods are relatively less safe and should not be used by inexperienced vapers. They do not prevent any type of energy surges, and since they don't have a circuit board, the vape's power flows directly from the battery. They are not for beginners in vaping and even some vaping veterans. One needs to have a deep understanding of electrical circuits to use this type of mod.

These mods may not be trendy in the market, but they provide an unmatched level of vapour production that regular mods cannot. Unregulated mods are not safe to use, however, as using them will put you at significant risk of electric discharges, small fires, and short circuits.


a.     Squonk Mods

This mod is the only mod with a built-in squeeze bottle to supply the e-liquid to the atomiser. It is used by pressing the bottle and waiting for the liquid to flow into the atomiser, and then you can get to vaping. Unregulated squonk mods are modified to provide the atomiser raw power from the battery. Due to this, it is hazardous to use.

Luckily, it has built-in protections to prevent short circuits and small fires. A vaper needs to have a deep understanding of Ohm’s law to use this type of mod, but it is still relatively safer than mechanical mods.

b.     Mechanical Mods

These mods may seem very simple when viewed from a novice’s point of view, but they are the most potent and hard-to-handle type of vape in the market. The simplistic design is since it only consists of a battery directly attached to the atomiser. It only has one feature, the power button; the vapers handle the rest.

Mechanical mods are most commonly used by expert vapers who design their atomisers and coils. These mods can be highly customised for the vaping experience the vaper is looking for. Their unregulated setup allows them to produce many vapours that no mod can offer.

Unfortunately, mechanical mods are also perilous, and if not careful, vapers run the risk of a severe accident or even serious injury.

In Conclusion

The different types of mods that are currently available in the market fall under the categories of either regulated or unregulated mods. Regulated mods can be used by both experienced and inexperienced vapers. However, unregulated mods are limited to only highly experienced vapers with an unshakable understanding of Ohm’s law and background in electric circuits.

The shift towards various types of mods can be seen quite clearly in the vaping industry, with countless types of variations being introduced on an annual basis. Vape culture as a whole has come quite far in the past few years, with vaping tricks seen as a skill and vaping seen more as a hobby instead of a habit.

The most important thing to note is that there are other types of vapes aside from the mods mentioned in this article. Mods don’t have to be your end-all-be-all. Just remember to do your extensive research before committing to a vape, whether it be a mod or not.

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