Everything You Need To Know About Nicohit

Nicohit UK has been producing amazing vape brands ever since 2010, but the company started to sell its own brands from 2012 onwards. Nicohit is one of the top manufacturers and suppliers of vape liquids as they sell over 12 brands to all of Europe. You will find a great range of different flavours under this company’s name. 

If you’re an online shopper or a professional vaper looking to expand your range of products, Nicohit should definitely be a part of your collection. Nicohit e-liquids offer some fantastic flavours for all the vape lovers around the world who are pursuing to reach new heights of vaping satisfaction. 

There are numerous e-juices available in the umbrella of Nicohit. 

  • Nic Salts
  • The nicotine salts infuse amazing tasting e-liquids that include some top nicotine salts available in the market. This means vapers can have higher concentrations of nicotine in their e-juice, allowing them to get stronger throat hits. Nic Salts allow different forms of nicotine infusion, where you can choose for benzoic and acidic treatments in contrast to the conventional smoking that has freebasing techniques. At Juicedoutvapes, you can explore a wide range of Salt Nicotine e-liquids that are available in various strengths. Nic Salt e-juices offer a very unique approach to vape, where users can have nicotine as per their choice. Generally e-liquids that have a salt nicotine formula, enable a person to get a quick nicotine hit and can be carried on for the rest of the day. You can also mix nic salt juices with any of your preferred short fill or get a 10ml bottle of high concentration nic salt liquid. 

  • Nicohit 50/50
  • E-liquids offer complex mixes paired with high strengths vape mods as they bring you a rich profusion of flavours that range from the vintage classics to the newer ones. Nicohit 50/50 is one of the top selling brands of Nicohit. All vape enthusiasts love this range. 

    Nicohit 50/50 is actually a range of amazingly affordable e-liquids in the UK. The best part about this e-liquid is that it has superb quality and flavour. The brand offers all incredibly mouth-watering flavours that can also allow for nicotine strengths adjustment. 

    First and foremost, you get a bold flavour range which is also why Nicohit 50/50 stands out from the crowd. This company sell a great range of flavours that are very diverse. Ranging from desserts and sweet flavours to soft drinks, tobacco flavour palettes, and more. With 30 different flavours, there’s everything for everyone. 

    The 50/50 Balance

    As the name suggests, Nicohit 50/50 offers an equal balance between the Vg/PG ratio. This delivers equal focus on the density and concentration of the vape cloud produced. Moreover, the flavour is also very intense, along with the concentration. 

    The Different Propylene Glycol (PG)

    It must be noted that nicotine and flavour of e-liquids majorly depend on the amount of PG present in the e-liquid. PG along with VG is one of the most important compound on which all the other vape liquid ingredients are added, and this basically carries the flavour and nicotine. Therefore, your flavour becomes more vivid and allows for flexible nicotine concentrations if the PG ratio is higher in the e-liquid

    Different Flavours

    The Nicohit 50/50 brings a plethora of flavour categories. For instance, the popular dessert flavours include Bubblegym, cherry drop flavours, lemon cheesecake, and other unique range of tobacco flavours. With endless flavours available, all vaping tastes can be satisfied. 

    Why Should You Buy From A Manufacturer

    You should always buy vape accessories and e-liquids from renowned brands and manufacturers, because you cannot risk your health. Moreover, Nicohit isn’t only popular for bringing their vape brands to light, but it also sells these brands directly on their online store, factories, and supplies to other famous vape stores. This allows customers plenty of benefits to enhance their vaping experience. 

    You Have the Right Idea of What You’re Getting

    As one of the leading and well-acknowledged vaping brands in the world, Nicohit ensures that all the bottles are mixed with meticulous care and attention. This allows the vape users to rest assures that they are only getting the highest quality ingredients with the safest equipment. 

    TPD Compliance

    Nicohit also makes sure that adherence to law is of the highest priority. The company has adopted the 2016 TPD laws that affected all aspects of the British vape market. The TPD laws although brought a great change in the way the company used to manufacture, but Nicohit has always remained up to date with all the regulations, and on top of that, there hasn’t been any dip in the flavour or quality of their products. 

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