Everything You Need To Know About Mesh Coil

Everything You Need To Know About Mesh Coil

Coils play a significant role in the performance and functioning of your vape. Their main purpose is to heat the e-liquid stored in the tank and then convert it into vapour for inhalation. There is a variety of vape kit deals in the UK where you can buy coils made from different types of materials such as stainless steel, Kanthal or nichrome. 

Traditionally there used to be standard wires, which is the way used to shape many wires today and it is wrapped around the wick. However, in recent times, the trend has begun to change. The multiple coils were all that used to be but now there is a more modern method where mesh coils are the new trend. These are more prevalent in the sub-ohm vapers, that seek bigger clouds and much more enhanced e-juice flavour. These coils perform the same job like multiple coils but with much more efficiency.

Ever since the advent of vaping, manufacturers have been keen to look for ways that can maximise vapour production by increasing the surface area of the coils. The very first mesh coil was introduced by Freemax. Today, there is a variety of coils where standard wires suit mouth to lung vapours and mesh coils are a preference of more pro direct lung capers. There are plenty of mesh coils available along with vape kits online and you can easily choose the right pick for yourself. Here, we will increase your knowledge about how a mesh coil is super efficient to maximise your vaping experience. Furthermore, how the overall surface area of the coil directly affects the way you vape.

What Are Mesh Coils?

A mesh coil is simply a strip made of stainless steel or Kanthal metal. It is perforated with several holes. Among the materials used for producing mesh coils, Kanthal happens to be the most popular and widely used material. It is a mixture of iron, chromium, and aluminium. Due to this composition, it is strong, durable and one of the most cost-effective materials for mesh coils. It provides a much larger surface area as compared to traditional single or even dual coils. The multitude of holes along with a flat design provides for a much larger space between the coil and the e-liquid. This space helps to create more heat that is applied to the e-liquid. 

Given the above facts, even if you use a vaping device with greater power, you might still fire up the e-juice fast enough, supporting more powerful wattage. Thanks to mesh coils and their larger surface area for making this possible. Although mesh is not really a new idea in the vaping market. Before the abrupt rush in demand for cotton as primary wicking material, mesh coil was used for rebuildable tanks using a similar concept.

Due to the distribution of heat using a metal with mesh design, the flavour of e-juice is enhanced. This occurs due to the decreased chances of coil spotting or burning.

Benefits Of Mesh Coil

Mesh coils have taken the vaping community by storm. There are countless advantages of mesh coils. Some of them include:

  • It is an ideal choice for sub-ohm vaping at low resistance
  • The longevity of the coil is increased, which means it is less likely to burn out quickly
  • The flavour and cloud size remains consistent due to the even heat distribution
  • Much less power is required for the e-juice to reach the optimum temperature
  • Cloud production reaches another level, improving the overall taste.


Drawbacks Of Mesh Coils

Along with countless advantages, there are some disadvantages associated with the use of mesh coils. However, the disadvantages are pretty insignificant as compared to the advantages they offer.

  • More quantity of e-juice is used
  • Cooler temperatures, which could be less appealing to vapers who are used to warmer vapes
  • You might inhale more vapour than needed as you are filling up your device more often. This might feel harsh on the throat
  • They are not suitable for low wattage vape pods.

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