A Detailed Insight Into HANGSEN E-Juices

Here at Juiced Out Vapes, we are always looking for all the best brands and we try them out ourselves before we make them a part of our collection. As one of the best vape stores in the UK, we are always making sure that our products are safe by trying and testing them against other big names to be sure that we’re doing well and what areas can see more improvements.

While we’re speaking of all the best brands available at our store, a mention of HANGSEN e-liquid is a must. Since it is one of our best-sellers, we have discussed Hangsen’s current best e-liquids over here.


The History Of Hangsen

As one of the leading suppliers of e-liquid in the world, Hangsen enjoys a great reputation in terms of customer service and product experience. The first e-liquid recipe was made back in 2004. This tells you that when you’re buying a hangsen e-liquid, you’re basically getting your hands on a liquid created by a company having more than 15 years of experience in this field of world. Still considered as one of the world’s largest e-liquid manufacturers, Hangsen uses top-quality ingredients to create all their vape products. The company has been investing heavily in researching new flavours and have produced quality e-liquids due to which they have stood the test of time. The naturally derived flavouring, pharmaceutical grade nicotine, good VG, and ethically sourced PG (extracted from vegetables like pepper, tomato and potatoes), this e-liquid is also used in inhalers for asthma patients


Hangsen Process

Hangsen E-liquids are made through a very unique process. This process is called the “molecular distillation”, which separates the impurities in the compound. Using some of the very latest and high-tech machinery in their facility, the company ensures that all the products are made to perfection.


The 4 Most Popular Hangsen Products

  1. Hangsen RY4

The RY4 is one of the best-selling products because of its great tobacco flavours and a sweet taste. For vapers who have recently quit smoking, RY4 is the perfect option due to the sweet flavoured e-liquid along with the touch of tobacco. This mix also encapsulates caramel with tobacco to create an alluring scent. The flavour will literally melt in your mouth and make you want for more. This merging of caramel with tobacco has turned out to be a very successful experiment by Hangsen and is now one of the most liked flavours in the vape market.


  1. USA Mix

If you’re someone who prefers a strong throat hit, you should definitely get your hands on the USA mix by Hangsen. This e-liquid emphasises more on authentic tobacco flavour. It is the right e-liquid for those who want a smooth cigarette hit and can’t find any e-liquid that gives a similar sensation to that of a real cigarette.

If you’re looking for this hit, Hangsen has nailed the tobacco essence with this product. USA mix is the best option for tobacco purists.


  1. Strawnilla

Although this a relatively new product, but it’s gaining traction in the market at a very fast rate. You might at first feel like this mix is a bit strange, but rest assured, our team has tried and tested it and had it tested by a vast majority of professional vapers. All gave positive reviews for the product. As the name goes, this e-liquid is an amalgamation of strawberry and vanilla flavours, and it offers a smooth touch if sweet vanilla and fresh strawberry. Moreover, the 50/50 PG and VG mix ensures that it does not give a strong hit on the throat, rather produces a very dense vapour. It is best to use this e-liquid with intermediate and sub-ohm tanks because the liquid is somewhat concentrated due to the high VG content.