A Brief Introduction To Vaper’s Tongues And Its Remedies

A Brief Introduction To Vaper’s Tongues And Its Remedies

Vaping is undoubtedly one of the most fun activities you can allow yourself to relish. With various flavours fusing into one another and the gush of nicotine, vaping can send you straight to your perfect utopia. 

With that being said, if you have been vaping for a while now and trying different flavours, you might hit a state where you cannot taste any e-liquid at all. This is a severe condition, and one must not overlook it as a phase that comes and goes without any reason. This condition is known as vaper’s tongue and it can prove to be a nuisance for several days. Usually, it is common among beginners who are adjusting to vaping, but it can also happen to regular vapers. 

Luckily, there are ways to determine the cause of this condition and you can also address it effectively.  However, the vaper’s tongue dramatically varies. Therefore it could take you a while to detect the cause and find the suitable remedy. 

Being the biggest distributor of online vape juice, we have decided to impart this brief but valuable guide regarding the vaper’s tongue. 

The causes of vaper’s tongue

Although vaper’s tongue is certainly a pertifying medical condition to deal with, it is temporary, and luckily you can speed up its recovery. Before taking drastic measures to heal vaper’s tongue, take its cause into considerations:

  • Excessive smoking
  • It is commendable if you are trying to quit smoking by switching to vaping. That said, in such circumstances, you might relapse or combine cigarettes with vapes. 

    Doing so leads to Vaper’s Tongue. Thus it is best first to wait for the condition to mitigate and then continue vaping. 

  • Extreme dehydration 
  • To experience a burst of e-liquids amidst vaping, it is vital to make sure your taste buds are working. Having a desiccated mouth can abstain you from this. 

    That is because the absence of adequate moisture means a lack of enough saliva. This can affect your sense of smell and taste alongside. By hydrating yourself, you can remedy this problem, but you ought to look for other fixes if the condition persists. 

  • Take suitable medication
  • Certain over-the-counter and prescribed medications can affect one’s taste buds and perception of a smell. Medications can also hinder your saliva production which consequently leads to Vaper’s Tongue. 

    In such scenarios, you can either wait for medication effects to wear down or consult the doctor for a severer state. 

    Two Effective ways to deal with Vaper's Tongue 

    Now that you have been introduced to the causes of the vaper’s tongue, you can now get the condition healed by waiting out. It is not entirely different from burning your mouth with a hot beverage and then waiting for your tongue to heal on its own. 

    That said, there are efficient ways to accelerate the healing process. If you are interested to know, take a look down below!

  • Use mouthwash and brush your teeth
  • This solution might sound odd or even obsolete, but the truth is that every oral condition is deeply connected to oral hygiene. Therefore, boosting one’s oral hygiene by taking care of your gums, teeth, and tongue is imperative to treat the vaper’s tongue. 

    This solution might not be quick, but it can certainly reduce cavity production and put a brighter smile on your face. Not to mention it can enhance your oral immunity, which can speed up your regenerative process.

  • Switch to a different e-liquid
  • Every vaper has their preferences when it comes to e-liquid flavours. However, using one particular flavour over and over again could render your taste buds too numb. As a result, you might experience mild to severe Vaper’s tongue. 

    Stepping out of your comfort zone by trying different e-liquid can quickly treat this condition and awaken your senses. Although you can try many e-liquid brands, we suggest you go for Burst my Bubble E-Liquid. That is because these e-liquid manufacturers produce amusing, robust and long-lasting e-liquids you can ever try.

    The bottom line 

    Whether you are new to vaping or an experienced vaper, you should keep in mind that Vaper’s tongue is a condition that affects anyone. To guarantee enjoyment and safety every time you vape, you should stock up e-liquids from reliable online stores like ours!

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