A Beginner Vaper’s Guide to E-Liquids

So, you’ve gotten into vaping. But you are just beginning and are confused about e-liquids and what kinds are available. The world of e-juices is pretty big. There are hundreds of brands with thousands of flavours to choose from. But it all comes down to individual preference in the end. 

Before individual preference becomes a factor, there is a lot to know about e-liquids and how they work. Once you have this basic information, you can start choosing the right flavours for yourself and refine your vaping experience. After all, flavours are one of the main reasons why anyone gets into vaping. Here’s all you need to know about e-liquids:

Picking Nicotine Strength

Nicotine is an essential part of just about all vape liquids. But the exact content of it varies across brands. Different variants of the same flavour are also available with varied nicotine content. The Vape e-liquids are available in several variants of nicotine strength. Salt nicotine flavours can go as high as 24mg and, in some cases, even higher. And freebase e-juices have a ceiling of 12mg. Though you can find vape juices for 6mg, 3mg or less, which are considered less harsh since they don’t have a strong throat hit. 

There are also shortfill vape juices that have 0mg of nicotine. They can be smoked as they are, or you can mix nicotine in them further according to your requirements. 

Now, let’s discuss flavour:

Picking Flavors

There are so many flavours available in the market these days that you could smoke a new flavour every day and not run out of flavours to experience for a very long time. Like every other vaper, it will take you some time to find your favourite flavour and your favourite brand. There are some great brands out there, such as All Day vaping e-liquids, IVG, and BLVK, just to name a few. 

If you are a newbie, then you will most likely want to go down the fruity or dessert route. There are also options like coffee flavours, fruit flavours, and even authentic tobacco flavours.

The reason for newbies gravitating towards fruit flavours or dessert flavours automatically is because they are simple, easy to enjoy, and there is a vast collection to choose from. 

The main categories are:


Dessert flavours are classic. From cheesecake flavouring to creamy delights, there are so many dessert flavoured vape juices available. And they can be perfect for people looking to settle their sweet tooth—cakes, pastries, other desserts; so many delectable flavours. 

These vape juices are perfect for those looking for a casual and sweet experience. Most dessert vape juices are made with low nicotine content: 3 mg or 6mg max. A heavy nicotine hit doesn’t mix well with dessert flavours as much. 


Fruity flavours are arguably the most popular kinds of flavours. And since there are so many different fruits to experience, there are also many different kinds of vape juices, from sweet flavours like bananas to citrus-y flavours like oranges and more. 

There are also many lemonade types of flavours for those looking for a mix between sweet and bitter. And who can forget tropical flavours that make you feel like you are at the beach?

Many brands even combine multiple fruits to make combination flavours. Mixes of strawberries and blueberries or bananas mixed with mango. And there are even fruity flavours mixed with menthol for a cool mouth feel. 

Flavours for Tobacco Lovers

Tobacco flavours have been a thing since the early days of vaping. Since vapes were developed as an alternative to cigarettes, tobacco flavours were developed for those looking to quit cigarettes to make their transition easier. And with the concentration of flavour that vaping gives you, tobacco flavours provide that authentic smoking experience without the harmful effects of smoking. 

If you are not too fond of sweet flavours, then you should consider moving to tobacco flavours. And since tobacco flavours were mainly made for those who were looking to quit smoking, they also contain a higher nicotine content. Some flavours even go up to 50mg of nicotine in one bottle. Perfect for heavy smokers. 


We wrote this blog to serve as a guide for those who are just starting out with vaping and want some basic knowledge about flavours. And if you already have a feeling of which flavour you’ll like best, then check out our collection and grab the flavour you like best. After all, Juiced Out Vapes have one of the biggest vape juice collections in the UK.

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