6 Super Tips To Enhance Your E liquid Game

Whether you have switched to trying vape in order to quit smoking or just curious to experience a series of different flavours, vaping is a must-try. From helping you make humongous clouds to getting  an intoxicating throat hit, vaping can certainly evoke the pleasure senses that you didn't know existed.

The vape market is bursting with mind-blowing E liquids, whether it be Slushy Hut’s e-liquid, Get Lollied E-Liquid or Major Flavour vaping liquids. Thereby, whether you have a penchant for bitter or minty flavours or an  insatiable sweet tooth, vaping has got everything covered. 

Having said that, many vape users are unable to enjoy vaping and that is mostly because they have picked the wrong E liquid. Fortunately we are here with a brief guide on how to make your vape juice taste better.

Use Customisable Mods

Every vape kit comes with special properties. It not only has its own ideal temperature range, but also the wattage setting at which it functions the best. That said, if you have stuck yourself with a vaporiser that functions best only at a certain wattage or temperature range, you are depriving yourself to fetch the most out of 100ml Slushy Hut e-liquids or any desirable E liquid. 

Hence if you aim to extract the most amazing E liquid flavour from your device, you ought to choose an E-cigarette that supports the wattage and temperature range. This will help to taste the best E liquid flavours and get a setup that works the best for you. 

Reduce the nic Level

If you are a cigarette smoker or somebody who has tried smoking, you must be familiar with the flavour of nicotine. 

Although nicotine has an invigorating flavour, it is quite bitter. Thus, picking the E liquids with high nicotine percentage can hamper you from enjoying a flavourful vaping session. The bitterness from nicotine not just surpasses the flavour, but it also gives you a harsh throat hit. 

If you are a vape enthusiast, who is constantly trying new flavours, we recommend you to lower down the nic levels and figure out the sweet spot that helps you get the most out of vaping. 

Since sub-ohm vaping devices help the vaper to achieve the desirable throat hit without having to increase the level, they are becoming increasingly popular among the vape community.

Choose the Right Vape 

Choosing the vape with the best quality atomiser is highly recommended to get an enjoyable vaping experience. 

The clearomisers prevent E-liquid from getting absorbed upwards. That is why most vape users like having a vape with clearomisers at the bottom coils. The clearomisers prevent E liquid from getting absorbed upwards. 

Get the Suitable Glass Tanks

In addition to everything we have mentioned so far, getting a quality tank can affect vaping quality. To maximise the vape session, we suggest you choose glass talks over plastic ones.

Select the Proper Coils and Proper Wick 

Your atomiser’s setup plays an integral role in determining the flavour you could fetch. Usually, organic cotton wicks are made up of natural fibres that are devoid of residual fertilisers and pesticides. Therefore organic wicks are usually characterised by better flavour production.

When it comes to the coil, preferring non-reactive metals such as nickel is your best bet. That is because nickel does not react with E-liquid, and neither do they impart metallic after taste. 

Try Mixing Everything Up

Sometimes a vaper does everything right but still does not achieve what they were expecting. In such cases, the culprit is their monotony!

It is imperative to keep changing the E-liquid flavours. For instance, you might love watermelon flavour. Using it over and over again will only make your taste buds get immune to its effect. This is a pretty common condition among the vaping community and is commonly referred to as vaper’s tongue. 

Sure you love a particular flavour, you ought to keep switching your E-liquid. If you are excruciatingly choosey, we suggest you try Slushy Hut e-liquids from Juicedoutvapes. The E-liquid range offered by Slushy Hut is exhilarating, to say the least. 

We hope this blog has helped you understand why you have been unable to enjoy the E liquids as you were supposed to. Follow these tips and reward yourself with the most delectable vaping sessions!