5 Common Myths About Vaping

Vapes have been around the market for about 2 decades, and it has become one of the top-rated ways of smoking worldwide. With time vaping has gained a lot of attention due to its benefits over traditional cigarettes. Although even after being trendy among the latest generation for quite an extended period, vaping still has numerous misconceptions. These myths are making people doubt vaping, especially those who want to switch from tobacco cigarettes. However, in this blog, we have addressed some of the top myths surrounding the idea of vaping and brought you the truth behind it. 

Let's Clear Some Misconception Regarding Vaping

Many people state that vaping is as dangerous as traditional smoking and has many drawbacks. Are these statements factual? No. They're not. These are the ideas coming from people who are not educated enough about vaping. Read the following myths about vaping and the truths to know the better reality. 

Vaping Can Cause Your Health A Lot Of Harm

As vaping seems like just another way to smoke, this is one of the primary defences for why it's terrible. Vaping dramatically lowers the risk of developing lung diseases compared to traditional cigarettes.

It's a common misconception that vaping can result in popcorn lung. This is untrue because Diacetyl, a chemical linked to popcorn lung, is utilised much less frequently than other chemicals. Vaping does not contain it, unlike other potentially dangerous substances like tar. This demonstrates how much safer it is to use a vape.

Nobody Knows What E-juices Contain

One of the most pervasive myths about vaping is that no one knows what's in e-juices. In reality, e-juices are created after extensive testing and research. In the product description, which lists each ingredient, you can find what chemicals are in e-juices if you're worried.

Vaping Can Cause Problems To The People Around You

Vaping is not dangerous for those around you, contrary to popular belief. E-juices are the safest choice because they contain very little nicotine and contain flavours, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol (PG). The ingredients are all safe. It ensures complete safety for both your lungs and those around you.


It Does Not Help To Leave Smoking

Many people think that vapes will not fulfil the craving for nicotine as it consists of it on a low level. Vapes are also not filled with tobacco, making it doubtful for many smokers that they will have drawbacks. However, the truth is that no such thing can happen as vapes offer a variety of flavours, so your mind would not turn back to tobacco. You can even vape with a tobacco-flavoured e-juice. Apart from this, you can try disposable vapes with cherry ice or any other flavour to give a kick to your vaping experience. 

Vaping Is Expensive 

When compared to smoking, your costs with vaping drop over time! Like smoking, your e-cigarette spending will vary depending on the brands you favour and how frequently you use them. Some minor expensive brands sell e-liquids for less money, but when it comes to cheap options, you get what you pay for. It is much better to stick with vaping by spending a little more on high-quality vape juice than to return to the old smoking habit.

To Wrap It Up

There have been many misconceptions floating around vaping. Some of these we have cleared today. Vape is a safe way of smoking and can cost you less too. If you are planning to switch towards vaping, then now is the right time. 


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