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Cheap Thrills is one of the very first e-liquid brands to appear on the UK vaping scene all the way back in 2014. The brilliant team at SVC Labs seemed to be ahead of everyone when it came to the vaping scene, and today Cheap Thrills’ Shortfills is considered one of the most popular brands out there. It built up quite the name for itself and quickly so. 

In a year, the SVC Labs team shifted to a bigger facility to accommodate demand, and today, 8 years later, the flavours are still as popular as ever. As for their product line, SVC Labs has kept it simple; they have three incredibly popular flavours that are considered their best. And in this blog, we will be discussing those three flavours and how they will change your vaping experience if you haven't experienced them already.  

3 Great Cheap Thrills Shortfills E-Liquids

Cheap Thrills - Rush Rush Yayo

The first e-liquid on our list will be the Rush Rush Yayo. This is arguably their most popular e-liquid. And it contains three distinct notes, which are: apple, watermelon & strawberry. The first impression that this flavour gives off is that it is sweet and juicy. And the fruity notes of the watermelon are very saturated and bold. 

Then, the second flavour that you will notice the most is the apple flavour. It is a highly realistic flavour of apple that combines the sweetness of a red apple but also undercuts it with a sharp note of sourness that every apple has. In fact, you will most likely get the impression that you are drinking apple juice when you try out this flavour. 

And lastly, the strawberry flavour comes in a bit later, but it has a sharp kick. It is sugary and intense. And all these flavours combine to give off a summer vibe that everyone will love. It might even make you feel like you are lying on a beach, soaking up the sun. 

This e-liquid is intense and has no hint of artificialness to it at all. It's summer in an e-liquid. 

Cheap Thrills - Sunset Strip 

Sunset Strip is second-up. And the name already suggests a very elegant but laidback kind of flavour. The first impression that you will get of this e-liquid is a sharp amalgamation of flavours like you are eating a platter of fruit. 

At first, you will feel like the blueberries are bursting in your mouth with their distinct sweet flavour. But the e-juice doesn’t let up. In fact, as soon as the blueberries let up, the sharp and succulent taste of blackberries is introduced into your mouth.

And the entire experience is completed with a cherry on top. Or rather, an orange. The citrusy flavour feels like it doesn't exist, but the next moment, you feel the juice of orange hit your throat in a pleasant manner.  

Cheap Thrills - Glory Glaze

E-Liquid Flavour Notes: Doughnut, Blueberry. 

It isn't just fruit flavours that Cheap Thrills produces. In this case, their very popular Glory Glaze flavour is, in fact, a dessert flavour. When you take your first hit, you should feel the sugary and sweet goodness of a glazed doughnut. It tastes so much like the real thing that you will feel like you are actually eating a doughnut. 

But it doesn't stop there. The tart flavour of blueberries kicks in, and it couples really well with the glazed doughnut flavour. Almost as if the doughnut has a blueberry filling. 

To Wrap Up

Cheap Thrills Shortfills is one of the most popular brands, and it holds that title for a reason. Their e-juice line-up is simple, but it also packs a punch. They also have other flavours, such as Sunset Ice and Ocean Ice, which bring their own menthol-like cool experience.  

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